When you build the house of your dreams, you envision more than everyday cabinets. Rysso-Peters offers you an alternative. Our cabinetry is built as furniture to match the style of the home and the personality of the owner. Rysso-Peters is able to take a furniture design and translate it into beautiful cabinetry, free from limitations. Our layered finishes are hand applied by skilled artists.

Greg Peters and Patricia Rysso Peters began business in 1987 restoring antiques and building handmade antique reproductions. In 1994 we were commissioned to build a kitchen for a show house. The theme of the kitchen was Old World antique and the response was overwhelming. We have been creating one of a kind kitchens, baths, libraries and more ever since.

It is very rewarding and challenging to meet with a client, listen to their ideas and respond with "Yes, I can create that for you!" Every job is different. One job may be formal, ornate, Old World European, and the next may be hand hewn, territorial, rustic. We can create whatever the client has dreamed of for their home.